In-Line Printing & Ultrasonic Welding


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In-Line Printing & Ultrasonic Welding

Syntech International has in-line printing capabilities, as well as in-line ultrasonic welding capabilities.


   Benefits of Ultrasonic Welding Bonding Process

  • Consistent material characteristics; bonding and cutting with ultrasonics eliminates thermal distortion of the nonwoven material and maintains softness, loft and air permeability of the material.
  • Ultrasonic laminating allows for the bonding of materials with different melting points.
  • Ultrasonic bonding produces environmentally friendly laminates. The laminates do not contain any adhesives or other consumables making them recyclable.
  • Consistent weld quality even when laminating multiple layers of different materials or when bonding intermittently in cross machine direction.
  • The nonwovens ultrasonic welding technology offers immediate system availability without heat-up time, fast set-up and reduced energy consumption.
  • Major cost savings as a result of minimized scrap after machine start up and shut down.
  • High production speeds with nonwoven ultrasonic bonding.


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