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Quality System

Syntech International has developed and implemented an extremely robust quality system. Our quality system is challenged by FDA, NIOSH, CE, ISO 13485, and last, but definitely not least, our valued customers. Although we have proven over the years that our quality system is robust, Syntech International continues to refine and improve the quality system at every opportunity presented. First articles are required at each step of the manufacturing process. This ensures the product is right from the start, and ongoing inspection is performed throughout the production run to ensure compliance to the customer's requirements. Our inspection and acceptance criteria utilizes the C = 0 Sampling Plan, which allows zero defects. Unlike some companies, that utilize other sampling plans that allow a percentage of defects, Syntech International has a zero defect policy.

QC2Syntech International's supply chain is selected based on specified criteria to ensure the materials they provide, meet the design specifications. Our supply chain is an extension of our company, and we treat them accordingly. Communication and commitment with our suppliers is the key to our customer's success, our success, and our supply chain's success as well.



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Syntech International

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